A great time at our Festa Junina

July 30, 2018 - Estimated reading time: 1 minute

During the month of June, we celebrated Festa Junina, a traditional Brazilian celebration. The “Arraiá of EARJ” was a great opportunity to celebrate our diverse community. We had a great time together with a lot of dance, music and culinary at EARJ Gavea and Barra.

Boys and girls wore “Caipira”, typical Brazilian country style outfits. Boys wore patched jeans, checkered shirts, bandanas held by an empty matchbox as a tie, straw hats, and they even painted sideburns or mustaches to truly represent our country boys. 

Girls wore colorful dresses with lace and bows. They also wore pretty straw hats, tied their hair in pigtails and painted freckled rosy cheeks.

We were so happy to see many parents and family members joining us for this special event. Thanks to our team for their hard work in organizing this event. We are a really proud community!

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