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Welcome to EARJ - Creating a World of Opportunities

The American School of Rio de Janeiro (EARJ), one of South America’s finest schools, offers innovative programming and three diploma choices to support our students as they develop their full potential by mastering knowledge and skills and developing the character and self-confidence to be successful in our highly globalized marketplace.

Our excellent academic, sports and extra curricular activities offer every individual student the opportunity to find and further define areas of personal interest. Lifelong friendships are established by students from over forty countries as they interact, exchange and dialogue on ideas and concepts. The EARJ mission is to prepare students to be active and contributing members of a community. Enjoy the website! I am certain you will be impressed.

Andrew Sherman


Projeto "Livro de Leitura - Reencontro Infantil"

O projeto “Livro de Leitura – Reencontro Infantil” foi desenvolvido por alunos de 6º ano durante as aulas do grupo português nível intermediário sob orientação da professora Aline Andriaça. O objetivo é colocar os alunos em contato com clássicos literários do mundo através de adaptações em língua portuguesa, descobrindo elementos narrativos e a biografia de autores mundialmente conhecidos.

Character Counts Interesting Article!

We found this very interesting article (in Portuguese) on how our responsibilities as parents leads us to difficult decision-making.

Character Counts!

Character Counts! connections continue to be made in Upper School.

America's Day

The American Society will be hosting America's Day at our EARJ Gávea Campus on May 30th, from noon to 4pm.

JAM Journal - 1st Edition!

We are proud to share the work of the Upper School students in the US EARJ JAM (Journalism, Advertising and Marketing) Club, headed by our US English Literature teacher, Ms. Heather Fremont.

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