Tuition and Fees

Capital Fund

The Capital Fund is a payment made by all families of new students. This donation goes toward investments in facilities, technology, network infrastructure, equipment, science laboratories, and other capital assets.

Please contact / for the current donation amount. 


EARJ tuition fees encompasses all school and academic material (with the exception of personal devices such as laptops and calculators that are mandatory for Upper School Students – grades 6th to 12th).

For Tuition fees please email us at /

Additional Fees

Physical Education Uniforms
Mandatory for Upper School
EARJ requires the use of a Physical Education uniform, for Grades 6-12.
Cafeteria Services
EARJ partners with Sodexo for food service. Billing happens at the end of each month and is based on consumption.
EARJ partners with Santa Rosa Transportation for school bus services (Gávea Campus) and Psiu Transportes (Barra Campus). Parents should contract the companies directly.
After School Activities for Lower School
A wide variety of After School activities are offered after school hours for children from Nursery – 5th grade. Fees may vary according to the number of times a week offered and activities itself. Activities that require uniforms are to be purchased directly with the Activity’s Coordinator.
IB Programme
The International Baccalaureate  has its own exam fees, per subject, depending on the  program chosen by the student.  Please contact us for further information.
Overnight/Day Field Trips
All overnight field trips costs will be communicated to parents in advance. Student participation and billing will occur upon parent approval.
Special Events
Throughout the year we celebrate our student’s achievements in academics, athletics, arts, among others. These events might engender fees. Parents will be communicated accordingly.
Vacation Camp
Every July and January, EARJ hosts a Vacation Camp for children ages 3-12. Dates and prices are communicated to parents at the end of each semester.