Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an interim organization composed by all parents and guardians of EARJ students. Its main purpose is to work collaboratively with the school administration for the benefit of the students and the EARJ community.

The association operates according to its own bylaws, which are a set of rules and conventions periodically reviewed by the Barra and Gávea PTA Boards.

We believe that parents are one of the pillars of utmost importance in a child’s education. This is why we encourage them to get involved in school activities and events as much as possible through the PTA.

Each campus has a PTA Board composed of 6-10 volunteer parent members, which is elected annually. Each board meets monthly to plan PTA activities and to connect with the school administration.

The EARJ PTA’s role is to:

  • Create links between staff, parents and students;
  • Support new and existing families as they come into, stay, and leave the EARJ community;
  • Support and encourage school and student events;
  • Provide social opportunities in the EARJ community;
  • Communicate information regarding PTA and school activities and events;
  • Conduct elections for parents wanting to become members of the EARJ Board of Directors.

PTA Barra

Board 2023-2024
Anna Faber
Vice President:
Maíra Burdett
Tania Aguilar
Bianca Viegas
Lower School Rep:
Fabiani Reis / Sabrina Zaremba / Isabela Toledo
Middle School Rep: 
Dani Baratz/Luma Hosken
Upper School Rep:
 Patrícia Guedes

Newcomers Committee:
Fabiani Reis / Luma Hosken / Lis Amaral / Renata Bitencourt
Room Parents Coordinator:
Luma Hosken
PTA Shop Coordinator:
Florencia Manfrin
Esther Campillo

Community support Coordinator:
Renata Perdigão
Cristina Guedes / Ana Carolina Refinetti / Raphaela Braga / Daniela Lefevre Gil Ferreira /
Patrícia Annes / Camila Moulin / Karen Saboia 

PTA Gávea

Board 2023-2024
President: Jennifer Delescen
Vice President: Vanessa Floris
Treasurer: Juliana Schmitt
Secretary: Maryesther Leon
Lower School Representative: Karina Huffard
Upper School Representative: Fabiani Carvalho
Communications Liaison: Beatriz Giuberti

Newcomers Committee
Nursery – Grade 1: Alexandra Groschopp
Grade 2 – Grade 5: Paula Rodrigues
Grade 6- Grade 8: Lizzie Spehar
Grade 9 – Grade 12: Paula Gouvea

Little Shop Coordinators: Noe Agra Mallo, Alejandra Pineda

PTA Gávea email address:

Gávea Little Shop link: Little Shop Gávea PTA

Gávea Little Shop email:

Newcomer Connections

The Newcomer Connections Group is composed of volunteer parents who dedicate their time to welcoming and supporting families that are both new to EARJ and to the city of Rio de Janeiro. They have many social gatherings, informative sessions and arrange for special events around Rio. A great way to be welcomed in the EARJ Parent community!