EARJ Board of Directors

As a private, nonprofit institution, Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro is guided by a Board of Directors consisting of 13 members. The Board of Directors is legally responsible for the school and as such, delegates the day-to-day administration of the school to the Headmaster, in accordance with established policies and programs.

The objective of the EARJ Board of Directors is to advance the school’s mission by selecting, evaluating and supporting the Headmaster, planning strategically for the school’s long-term well-being and its sustainability as an institution and holds the fiduciary responsibility for the healthy continuity of EARJ.

The breakdown composition of the Board is: two members are appointed by the US Consulate, three members are Parent-Elected, six members are appointed by the EARJ shareholders and two members may be appointed by the Board of Directors. All members, with the exception of the Board Appointed and US Consulate positions, must be parents of students currently enrolled at EARJ.

The Board of Directors develops its work through committees that set short and long-term goals and the Board assesses the status of those goals annually. The Board of Directors also determines annual tuition and fees, approves the school’s budget and capital and operating expenditures to ensure adequate school facilities.

Our Board adheres to standards of good practice in governance established by the school’s accreditors and other international organizations such as AASSA (Association of American Schools in South America), AAIE (Association for the Advancement of International Education, and NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools). Board Members are skilled and recognized specialists in fields identified as necessary for the sustainability of the school and serve as volunteers without any compensation.


EARJ Board Members


Patricia Yates Portella (Class of ’02)
Board President
Children in class of 2029 & 2033

Raul Baptista Pereira Trejos (Class of ’82)
Board Vice President
Children in classes of 2016 & 2020

Jesus Carmona Abrego
Board Treasurer
Children in class of 2028 & 2031

Arnaldo Hilário Viegas de Lima
Children in classes of 2012 & 2014

Christian Iturri
Children in classes of 2023, 2025 & 2028

Frederico Jacobsen Junqueira
Children in classes of 2033 & 2035

Heather Avialiotis
Child in class of 2025

Jacqueline Ward

José Carlos Elias
Child in class of 2032

Leonidas Lopes Borio Filho (Class of ’90)
Children in classes of 2028 & 2031

Maria Carolina Meirelles Dias Wolff (Class of ’96)
Children in classes of 2026 & 2028

Thiago Frias Picolo Peres
Children in classes of 2029 & 2031