Why Choose EARJ

For more than 87 years, EARJ has welcomed thousands of International and Brazilian families seeking an all-English American international education, focused on providing the necessary tools for students to be academically, socially and emotionally successful wherever their path in life takes them.

Small classrooms enable an opportunity for individualized student attention and differentiated instruction.

The diverse EARJ community, with over 50 different nationalities, provides a rich international learning setting in a multicultural experience. Along with the American curriculum and a nurturing environment, it cultivates self-esteem and teaches students the responsibilities of global citizenship.

The common language adopted at EARJ is English. All classes are taught in English with the exception of the Brazilian Diploma Program requirements and Spanish and French foreign language courses.

EARJ offers three distinct diplomas:

American Diploma Brazilian Diploma  IB Diploma
For graduates who will go on to higher education in the United States. For Brazilians and for students who want to pursue undergraduate studies in Brazil. For graduates who wish to pursue higher education abroad.
The program is accredited by Cognia. Secretary of Education of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The program encourages both personal and academic achievement, challenging students to excel in their studies and in their personal development.
First and only accredited American international school in Rio de Janeiro. First school in Rio de Janeiro and second in Brazil to offer the IB Diploma.

The extracurricular program composed by visual and performing arts, interscholastic athletics, and clubs and organizations enhances classroom learning and promotes a sense of teamwork, school spirit and friendship.

Each year our students are accepted to the world’s best universities, becoming part of an active, interconnected EARJ alumni community that spans the globe.