Learning Commons

At EARJ, we are interested in providing spaces that invite our community members to actively engage with and take responsibility for their own learning. Our learners develop an understanding on how they learn best by applying the following essential skills: collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking.

The Learning Commons is a place that embodies a real – world approach to learning through the application of these essential skills and where learners communicate information to others. It is a flexible space for learning and teaching, which provides an optimal environment for collaboration, design, sharing of information, development of projects and the creation of knowledge.

The place offers comfortable furniture for both individual and group study, allowing members to customize the physical space according to their needs. There is also ubiquitous access to wireless networks, electrical outlets, multimedia devices, and information technologies.

The Learning Commons is a focal point for academic and social experiences in the school. It can be a place to study, to collaborate on projects or discuss ideas, but it can also be a place to engage with friends in a relaxed cafe-like environment. Learning Commons participants are encouraged to develop their talents and deepen their understanding through exploration, dialogue and thoughtful consideration.

Examples of activities at the Learning Commons:

  • Small groups of learners will meet to brainstorm ideas on their shared interests;
  • Learners will work on self paced programs in coding and programming;
  • Educators will lead workshops on their own interests;
  • Learners will have portable digital devices readily available for use by learners and educators for research and presentation;
  • Learners will present the results of their research to peers and educators;
  • Invited experts will present to groups of learners and educators looking to expand their knowledge on a given topic.

Access to the Libraries