Athletics Department

At EARJ, the Athletics and Activities program includes all the athletic sports, the academic traveling teams and the After School Activities Program for Lower School and Upper School.

We aim to provide the opportunity to construct the knowledge and skills to move with competence and confidence in a variety of activities. Through our extensive co-curricular and community projects, we help students make informed decisions, promote healthy choices, develop potential, inspire creative expression, stimulate innovation, and forge leadership ability. All with a strong sense of commitment.



The demands of the athletic setting at EARJ require students to be multi-dimensional communicators, critical thinkers, and responsive individuals. Student-athletes develop problem-solving, decision-making, and leadership skills, along with a sense of sportsmanship and fair play while working cooperatively with others.

The mission of the EARJ Athletics program is to promote well-rounded, multi-sport student-athletes that, while proudly wearing their EARJ uniform in athletic competitions, develop complementary skills and capabilities through their participation, enjoyment, and learning from a variety of coaches and playing fields.


Little & Big Tournaments

EARJ is a member of AASB, the Association of American Schools of Brazil. The organization serves as an extension of each school’s program by enhancing student development through athletic competition, academic and intellectual pursuits, fine and performing arts activities and cultural and intercultural opportunities.

The AASB Athletic Events are Little, Big and the Friendship Festivals. These are competitions that take place at Nosso Recanto 2 according to different age groups and categories:

Big 8 is a High School tournament in which eight American Schools of Brazil participate. These are: EARJ and OLM from Rio de Janeiro; EAB from Brasília, Graded, Chapel, and PACA from São Paulo; EAC from Campinas; ISC from Curitiba. It takes place once a year in November at NR2 and involves student athletes of 14 to 19 years of age. Students participate in Girls’ and Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball, plus a Cheerleading/Dance Performance.

Big 4 is a High School tournament amongst the four biggest American schools in Brazil: EARJ from Rio de Janeiro; EAB from Brasília; Graded and Chapel from São Paulo. It takes place once a year at NR2 in April, and it involves student athletes of 14 to 19 years of age. They participate in Girls’ and Boys’ Volleyball, Girls’ and Boys’ Futsal, Girls’ and Boys’ Softball, plus a Cheerleading/Dance Performance.

Little 8 is a Middle School and 9th grade students’ tournament that includes the participation of eight international schools in Brazil. The competition occurs twice a year and the participating schools are: EARJ and The British School from Rio de Janeiro; EAB from Brasília; EAC from Campinas; Chapel, Graded, PACA and St. Paul’s from São Paulo. In the first semester, in November, the Little 8 Teams include Girls’ and Boys’ Soccer, and Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball. In the second semester, in May, the tournament includes Girls’ and Boys Volleyball, Girls’ and Boys’ Futsal, Softball and Cheerleading. The Little 8 Tournaments allow all student athletes under the age of 15 years old to participate.

Friendship Festivals are invitational tournaments that take place each semester at an AASB school. These are Basketball, Soccer and Volleyball tournaments for both boys and girls that are up to 13 years old. The philosophy of these festivals is to include everyone; they are for developmental teams and the emphasis is on participation rather than winning. Participation in these festivals is especially important for those students who practiced for Little 8 teams but did not have a chance to travel.