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Why Teachers Matter

May 4, 2021 - By Ana Paula Stadelmann - Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Today is National Teachers Day in the United States, part of Teacher Appreciation Week celebrated in the first full week of May each year. It is a day when – like other similar national recognition days – a nation expresses its gratitude to its teachers and acknowledges the pivotal role they play in society. At EARJ, I’ve seen many recognitions of our teachers today coming from students, parents, and colleagues.

My personal appreciation for Teachers comes from multiple perspectives:

#1 As the school’s DIRECTOR of HUMAN RESOURCES, I see teachers being the hallmark of the EARJ education – no doubt about it. Their knowledge, competence, commitment, and caring attitude towards our students are remarkable in many ways. Their everyday success stories are uncountable and what they do not only matters but lasts for generations to come. History can tell!

#2 From my days as a STUDENT, I was fortunate to encounter teachers who believed in me, and have supported me during different moments in my life. On some occasions, I was offered choices and opportunities that were initially not on the table, like when a teacher gave me extra classes as I could not attend some regular classes due to conflict with my work hours.  I’m forever thankful for that.

#3 As a MOTHER of two Lower School students, I see my children’s growth and development everyday, and I couldn’t be more proud that they have an opportunity to be internationally-minded people in their early years. I’m confident this will influence their lives forever.

#4 As a firm BELIEVER in the transformative power of education. The attributes children learn at school impact not only themselves but their families and communities. No other institution has a more powerful and lasting impact on an individual and a country’s life other than through education.

So, it is not a surprise that I’m beyond proud of the EARJ teachers and their dedication. To every one of the EARJ teachers reading this, THANK YOU for all the incredible work that you do to educate our children and consequently, make the world better, each and every day.

Ana Paula Stadelmann
Director of Human Resources & Strategy

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