Book Launch

June 2, 2017 - Estimated reading time: 1 minute

This week, 8th grade students from Ms. Macedo’s science class launched their Evolution book!  This book was created during Q3, a collaboration between Art and Science.  At the beginning of the unit, students were told that the culminating activity would be an ABC book of evolution.  As the unit went on, and the students learned content, they were thinking as well about their book. Each student was assigned two letters of the alphabet, and they had to come up with an explanation  of the term in their own words, and as well, create original artwork to go with the text.  Ms Ana Melo, the art teacher helped the students with art  techniques like how to draw and shade with pencil crayons. The evolution book is an example of project based learning, a teaching method whereby students gain content and skills while working for an extended time ( we worked for this during the entire quarter) on an authentic task ( writing and publishing a book!). This teaching technique is meant to achieve deeper learning – allowing students to learn, then apply knowledge, and by doing so, create the neurological connections of long term learning.

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