March 14, 2018 - Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

The Annual BRAMUN conference (Brazil’s largest MUN conference – took place in Salvador, BA on March 7-11 and the EARJ team worked hard in preparing to debate current and pressing issues in this student-led simulation of the United Nations!

Our students have once again demonstrated excellence!  All participants engaged in debates, took advantage of help from student leaders and advisors, and enjoyed making friends with students from several international schools. We hope that returning students will join us again in MUN conferences as we continue to grow our MUN program on EARJ both campuses.

Special Recognition:

Each committee presents awards to the top delegations as verbal commendations, honorable mentions, and best delegations.

Pranav Ambati and Filip Marchidan, Honorable Mention as the delegation of Israel, Human Rights Council

Paulo Breitman, Best Delegate as Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila, African Union

Eduardo Koranyi, Honorable Mention as David Mundell, British House of Commons

BRAMUN 2019 Leaders:

This year over 100 students applied for leadership positions in the 2018/19 SPMUN and BRAMUN conference cycles.   They completed an extensive application process which included strategic plan proposals and and in-depth interview with MUN advisors during the conference.   We are proud to announce the following students have been selected to serve in leadership positions at SPMUN and BRAMUN next year:

BRAMUN Chief Operating Officer – Eduardo Koranyi ‘20

Vice Chair, Special Committee  – Paulo Breitman ‘19

Congratulations, to all MUN participants!


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