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Digital transformation… It’s really not about the technology itself, but about the people

September 29, 2020 - By Carlos Eduardo Pinho - Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Lately, the school has undergone many technological changes, and I am impressed at how we were able to quickly adapt to them. There are network changes, new computers, and these amazing new applications that are released basically every day to assist us on our daily tasks.

But what really made a difference is how we as people adapted so quickly to these changes. It was March, when the pandemic hit us, and we had to close school to quickly move to distance learning. Technology? Well, we had it at the time, but how were we able to adapt to this new environment on such a short notice? How were we then able to move from Distance Learning to the Parallel Distance Learning plan together?

As you know, classrooms at EARJ are receiving new equipment so that students can either be in class physically, or at home and have the same content taught at the same time, all through the eyes of a camera, meeting software, microphones and speakers so students at home can participate as well.

Digital transformation is here, but none of this will work if we do not have people involved. Being an EARJ alumnus gives me the confidence of saying that we have always been a collaborative community. And since the very beginning of this pandemic we have had each and everyone in school, be that a student, a parent, or a staff member participating, adapting, and making every bit and byte count.

The effort put in by each one to make all of this “new normal” work is incredible. I see students helping teachers, teachers helping parents, parents helping me with so many interesting tech… All I can say is thank you for making all of this work, and I hope to see you soon, of course making use of all the tech we have here waiting for you.

Carlos Eduardo Pinho
Director of Educational Technology

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