IB Results at EARJ

The EARJ Class of 2023 has achieved a fantastic set of IB Diploma results. This is remarkable not only for their academic accomplishments, but also because of what it says about their resilience and strength of character.

As we celebrate these results we do so in the knowledge that there are many different measures of achievement. Each of our graduates has been successful in so many ways, including in their IB Diploma.

We recognize the incredible effort and innovation shown by EARJ’s students and teachers in achieving these results. We also honor our supportive parent community, which has provided the foundations for their children to be successful.

The IB Diploma candidates of the Class of 2023 averaged 31.6 points, which exceeds the world average of 30.2 points. 53 of our students were awarded the IB Diploma, up from 32 in the previous year.

EARJ has a track record of IB Diploma success that stretches back more than 30 years. We are proud that the Class of 2023 has more than maintained the tradition of excellence set by generations of their predecessors.