November 1, 2016 - Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

The EARJ Barra Community has been engaged in a beautiful project. Ms. Ligia’s  initiative to help SUIPA turned into a very successful campaign. SUIPA is the “International Union Society of Animal Protection” (Sociedade União Internacional de Proteção aos Animais) and has been going through difficult times after it’s founder past.  Campaigns have been made throughout the country to raise funds, materials, food, medicine and much more in order to keep it working and helping animals in need.

The SUIPA Campaign engaged students, parents, PTA, faculty & staff and reached out to the EARJ Community. In order to raise awareness and collect donations different projects were put into action.
A Bake Sale organized by 3rd grade (teachers and students) collected over than R$3.000,00.
Teachers and staff collected over than R$2.000,00 in donations.
Students developed the logo for the campaign, created posters, wrote texts in Portuguese and English, produced Power Points, and participated in the creation of T-shirts, that were produced with the help of the Barra PTA.
With the sale of shirts during the Barra Family Fun Day, R$1.260,00 were raised in sales and R$310,00 more in donations.
The whole EARJ Community was involved.

The total of items collected is listed below:
– 564 kg of dog food;
– 245 kg of cat food;
– 1120 kg of horse food;
– 320 kg of swine food;
– 200 kg of poultry feed;
– 816 units of dog pads (Hygienic carpets);
– 80 liters of bleach (Cleaning products);
– 01 box of disposable gloves;
– 33 packages of medical dressing;
– 08 medical tapes;
– 06 bandage kits;
– 01 unit of Ointment (Medicine);
– 05 units of Healing Spray for Dogs;
– 06 packets of snacks;
– 01 kg of chewing bones;
– 05 sachets of cat food – kitties;
– 02 cans of wet cat food;
– 04 cans of wet dog food – puppies;
– 02 cans of wet dog food – adults;
– 04 cans of wet dog food – KD;
– 06 cans of wet dog food – AD;
– 03 jars of baby food (NUTRIBABY);
– 01 bottle of antiseptic;
– 02 boxes of Chemital Plus (Medicine) – 04 units each.

Thank you all who participated in this beautiful, touching Campaign. T-shirts are still available at the Barra Campus.

For more information contact Ms. Ana Morelli at

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