English and Academic Language (EAL)

The English Academic Language Support program (EALS) helps students from diverse language backgrounds with low proficiency in English.

The EALS department utilizes WIDA language development assessments and standards to provide differentiated levels of support based on individual students’ needs. This support includes but is not limited to an EALS specific class and support in their core content classrooms.

Our program fosters the acquisition of academic language by integrating the four language domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will receive a content-rich curriculum and skill-based practices which are filled with high standards preparing them to succeed in school and life.

New to English

Students entering EARJ after Kindergarten that are new to English will receive small group instruction daily on “survival English skills”.

Grades K-G5

G1-5 students at the Beginner level of English proficiency will receive small group instruction daily and some in class co-teaching support. Students at the Non-Beginner level of English proficiency will receive in class co-teaching support.

Grades 6-12

G6-12 students from Beginner to Advanced level of English proficiency will take an EALS class as an elective and may receive some additional support in the classroom.